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Gemsa is a main distributor of Bulroc (Bulroc Türkiye) since 1985.
On our compact drill rigs, we use powerful and reliable Bulroc down the hole hammers to reach maximum productivity. Bulroc UK Ltd has been involved in the design and manufacture of Percussive Down Hole Rock Drilling equipment for over 45 years. Bulroc were producing a range of valved and valveless hammers for drilling hole sizes ranging from 60mm through to 250mm diameter. As Down Hole Hammer development continued, so did a range of complementary products including Shock Absorbers, Drill Tubes and Adaptors etc. Early in 1984, the company made a significant investment in plant and equipment necessary for the design and manufacture of a range of Button Bits to suit not only Bulroc Hammers but also all other makes of popular DTH Hammers.


* Valved Hammers
Bulroc produce a limited range of valved type hammers designed for high performance at low operating pressures. Simplicity of design, ease of service and low air consumption are all factors that combine to make these hammers robust and reliable drilling tools. They are particularly suited to applications where air volumes and pressures are limited and where low weight is an important factor. Seismic Shot Hole Drilling, Slope Stabilization and other applications where access is limited depend on this small but versatile range of hammers.

* Hyper Hammers
The Bulroc range of Hyper Hammers is designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of air pressures. All Bulroc Hyper Hammers can be easily adapted to accept different types of bit shanks by simply changing a few basic components. Several Hyper hammer models are available in Heavy-Duty format to suit particularly arduous and abrasive drilling conditions. The models have increased diameter chuck, wearsleeve and backhead for greater wear protection.

* Reverse Circulation
Bulroc was one of the first companies in the world to develop and produce the concept of Centre Sampling Hammers for accurate and economical mineral sampling. While other companies around the world produce this type of hammer, Bulroc continue to invest in development to upgrade their range of Reverse Circulation equipment. Our comprehensive range includes Swivel Heads, Dual Wall Drill Tubes and many other associated accessories for these systems.

Valved Type Hammer BR1 (60-64mm) BR2 (70-80mm) dia hole


Valved Type Hammer BR3 (85-95mm) BR33 (90-100mm) dia hole

Valved Type Hammer BR4 (105-127mm) hole

Hyper 31 Valveless Hammer 90mm (31/2’’) – 100mm (4’’) dia hole

Hyper 41 Valveless Hammer 105mm (4 1/8’’) – 127mm (5’’) dia hole

Hyper 415 Valveless Hammer 108mm (4 ¼”) 127mm (5”) dia hole

Hyper 51HD Valveless Hammer 140mm (5.5”) – 165mm (6½”) dia hole

Hyper 51 Valveless Hammer 127mm (5”) – 165mm (6½”) dia hole

Hyper 63HD Valveless Hammer 165mm (61∕2’’) – 216mm (81∕2’’) dia hole

Hyper 63 Valveless Hammer 152mm (6’’) – 216mm (81∕2’’) dia hole

Hyper 81 Valveless Hammer 203mm (8″) – 254mm (10”) dia hole

Hyper 101 Valveless Hammer 254mm (10″) – 305mm (12″) dia hole

Hyper 121 Valveless Hammer 302mm (11 7/8”) – 445mm (17 ½”) dia hole

Hyper 121 QL120 Hammer311mm (12 ¼”) – 445mm (18”) dia hole

Hyper 125/300HF Valveless Hammer 330mm(13”) – 445mm(17½”) dia hole

Hyper 125/300 Valveless Hammer 330mm(13”) – 445mm(17½”) dia hole

Hyper 141 Valveless Hammer 350mm (13 ¾”) – 508mm (20’’) dia hole

Hyper 181 N180 458mm (18’’) – 660mm (26’’) dia hole

Hyper 241 Valveless Hammer 610mm (24”) 864mm (34”) dia hole

Hyper 55DH / QL50 Hammer 127mm (5”) 152mm (6”) dia deep hole

Hyper 66DH / DHD 360 Hammer 152mm (6”) 216mm (8½”) dia deep hole

Hyper 66DH / QL60 Hammer 152mm (6”) 216mm (81/2”) dia deep hole

BRC4 – BRC5 – BRC6 Reverse Circulation Hammer

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General Brochure

Valved Type Hammer BR1(60-64mm), BR2(70-80mm) dia hole Brochure

Valved Type Hammer BR3(85-95mm), BR33(90-100mm) dia hole Brochure

Valved Type Hammer BR4 (105-127mm) dia hole Brochure

Hyper 31 Valveless Hammer 90mm(31/2’’)-100mm(4’’) diameter hole Brochure

Hyper 41 Valveless Hammer 105mm(4 1/8″)-127mm(5″) diameter hole Brochure

Hyper 415 Valveless Hammer 108mm(4 ¼”)-127mm(5”) diameter hole Brochure

Hyper 51 Valveless Hammer 127mm(5”)-165mm(6½”) dia. hole Brochure

Hyper 51HD Valveless Hammer 140mm(5.5”)-165mm(6½”) dia. holes Brochure